Szabo, Andrea (Andrea Czirják) am. Pest county, Felsőpakony live kids and our dogs.
Kennels in 1998, formed the first female dog Fuxor Amanda Gold, who was born in 1996 and this year is the 2010th February. 2 was with us. Unexpectedly left in us: (
Amanda was love at first sight, as it were cseperedett decided that I would like to breed English cocker:)
Amanda came to rest after a nice line

  1. Rizi-Bizi Coctaile”Dorka”
  2. Rizi-Bizi Golden Arrow Wanebee”Missy”
  3. Leticia Von Finucci”Ary”
  4. JCH Bikahegyi Bársony Borisz"Borisz"
  5. Serci Choco Dream”Beauty”
  6. Rizi-Bizi Forever My Lady”Lady”
  7. Rizi-Bizi Sable Tumbler”Tobi”

I try not only beautiful appearance but also in healthy dogs free of genetic problems in breeding.
The puppies is guaranteed by a 1 year old!
The kids earlier than 8 weeks old, the second injection, after chippezés can take it!

Their age, the puppies are properly vaccinated, which means at least 2 pieces of vaccination + vaccination page was registered.

- Commensurate with their paraita against treating (2-week-old, 10 per day)
- Pedigree, chip
- Sales contract
- Guarantee page

Extra cost, in return, may

- Export Pedigree
- Passport
- Travel abroad can help!

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